Le Quest Mix Development Facilities And Amenities

The Le Quest mix development property offers an affordable residential unit for families who plan to relocate in the Jurong area. Yet, even though the property offers affordable units, the developer ensures to build the property in an area near different amenities and facilities. The developer aims to provide a convenient place to live.


Le Quest is located near the Jurong East Region. From the property, you can reach the region in minutes. You get both worlds when you buy a unit at lequestcondo.sg You’ll get the features that the Jurong East Region offers and the Bukit Batok town. Plus, the modern amenities that the property offers.

Dual component

Le Quest has a dual component. You get the commercial and residential components, which are essential fora comfortable living. It’s important to have a place to stay, yet you need different amenities to survive your daily needs. You need a place to buy food and the property offers it. You can also find shops where you can buy your clothes and other needs. By the way, the property offers dining location, which you shouldn’t miss.

Active lifestyle

If you’re living an active lifestyle, it’s nor a wrong decision to live at Le Quest. It features a civil service club, which offers a whole range of outdoor and indoor activities. The venue offers different facilities such as bowling alley, gym, dance studio, spa and arcade room.


The property is also located nearby educational institutions. One of the most popular and oldest independent school’s in UK Dulwich College. The educational institution focuses on creativity and diversity. It’s a school that caters to different nationalities. Your child will learn to communicate with other nationalities helping him or her to be prepared in the environment that offers global opportunities.