Monthly business capital loans for small business

Do you need a capital for your small business? Congratulations! Liberty Capital Group provide the funding you need so you can expand your small business. You can borrow up to $500,000 per location in the company’s small business loan offer. Yet, you’ll benefit more from the features it offers. Below are the features that the loan offers.


Small business loan allows you to have a monthly term up to five years. You can also loan between two to 10 years. The good thing about this loan is it has no additional collateral required. You don’t even need to worry for the approval of your loan because the approval depends on debt ratio and cash flow. The funding waiting time is up to seven days but you can get approved in five days.

When it come to interest, tax is deductible and the loan is fully amortized. It has no prepayment penalty and it has low origination fees. Another feature of this loan is it has no application fee. has more information on the Monthly Business Capital loans.


You can use the loan for your small business where it fits. Your application will be approved when you use the capital for an upgrade on your hardware or software. If you plan to upgrade your office furniture, you can also use the capital. The loan can be used for other purposes such as renovation, relocation, ramp up on inventory, revamp of company website and payroll, sales and federal tax dues.

You can also use the capital to catch up with vendors and suppliers and pay off existing cash advances.

In a nutshell

The small business loan is not a cash advance. It has no switching processor and the payment is monthly. It builds business credit and large funding. It offers longer term than cash advance.