The Different Features Of Custom Biker Patches

Custom biker patches are a symbol of a club, group or organization that will let people recognize to which club or organization they belong to and aside from that they place custom biker patches at their back to signify their identity and their personality as well. A custom biker patches do not conform to any patterns but style and designs can be customed for each liking.

There are companies that offer custom biker patches and they create them any size, shape or color. Traditional shapes like triangle, square or circle can be custom made with custom biker patches. There are also irregular shapes that can be made. Other unique features of custom biker patches such as glow in the dark threading, metallic threading, reflective twill and Swarovski crystals. You can find more details on custom motorcycle patches on the site

Options for biker patches

There are many styles and designs that each company offers with custom biker patches and they can be availed online. Online shop for personalized or custom biker patches offers many options to choose from like embroidered biker patches. This is the style where most people are familiar with and having them on uniforms, hats, jackets and more. The custom design is embroidered using thread.

Woven patches with custom biker patches use thinner threads and ideal when the design is too detailed or complex. They are also great in achieving photographic realism. Most of the designs for woven patches with custom biker patches include human faces, landscapes, motorcycles, gradients and blends. Woven patches can be reproduced on smaller sized custom biker patches.

Printed patches with custom biker patches on the other hand involve printing a photograph or design or a text unto a twill fabric which undergoes a dye sublimation process and ink is used to fuse the design to the fabric and one advantage is that there is no color limitation for this design. Printed custom biker patches are washable, dry cleanable and fade proof.