Top 3 best midi keyboards for beginners

There are not a lot of lists online when it comes to midi keyboards as it is mostly for making music when you are in your workstation. The demand for it may not be as high as other things like microphones but it is still really there. This is why, to help out the people who have the dedication and passion to make really good and wonderful music, here are the top 3 best midi keyboard for beginners that might be a good fit when you are starting out but want pretty good results. More information on best midi keyboards for beginners on the site

Alesis V49

This one has forty-nine keys and that is a lot. Its length is around three feet so in the case that you only have a small desk size, you should look for the smaller version. On the other hand, if you want to learn a lot of music sounds, this is already a good choice, even for beginners. The sixty-one key size is a pretty big one and would most likely be good for those who havean ideaon playing complex melodies. If you know how to press hard, this one is definitely the right choice for you.


This one is basically a standard especially if you want to make some drum beats and any other type of percussion instruments that you want to include in your musical production. It is one of the most popular ones ever since as well so you might be able to learn it a lot easier.

M Audio

This is a hybrid one where the keyboard and the percussion are mixed into one controller. You get to use this one in a really light and easy manner that is very nice when you are a beginner so this is one of those must try and must have item for sure.